ZRH GMS 024 will take place from September 13 to 15, 2024. To participate, athletes must qualify in advance. The qualification will take place in April 2024. The categoires are going to be:
  • Individual Male & Female
  • Teams of any Two
  • Teams of any Two Masters (min.35/+75)
There are two ways to participate in the qualifiers. On the one hand, you can do the workouts individually. This requires a video proof. On the other hand, you have the possibility to register with a qualification partner. These supervise the workouts and make sure that the required standards are met.

Qualifier & Qualifier Partner

Registration for the qualifier will be open from 04.04.24.  The three workouts will be published at the same time. Closing date for scores: 30.05.24 24:00 / 31.0524 00:00.

This year you will also have the opportunity to share your achievements with us via video evidence or with a qualifier partner.  We recommend that you contact the management of your box as soon as possible to become a Qualifier Partner and organize an internal event.  This way it will be much more fun!

The qualifier mode will be the same as last year.  There will be workouts.  These must be completed individually.  The best 24 men and 16 best women are eligible to compete as individual athletes.  All others can form teams of two (FF/FM(MM)).   The best 32 regular teams are entitled to a starting place for Saturday.  The best 24 master teams (min. 35/+75) will compete on Sundays.

Q&A Qualifier Workout

Send us questions about the qualifier workout to zrhgms024@zurich-games.ch.  We will publish the answers here so that everyone can benefit from them.

When does the lead board go online? Respectively when do I see my results?

In order that you see you results on the leader board you must enter your score by yourself. Independently if you have done your qualifier at a partner box or not. Moreover, we need to receive your singed score sheet, if have done the qualifier at a partner box (zrhgms024@zurich-games.ch). For all other athletes it is sufficient if they provide provide the a link to the video proof. Attach the link of the video to first score.

Are all scores worth the same amount of points? Or is maybe the tiebreak less?

The TB will be scored to rate the last workout more accurately. Background: we want that the athletes are giving their best throughout the entire 26min and have to come up with an individual strategy according to their strength / weakness how to tackle the qualifier.

In the "Quick Indications", it says the following: Using tape AND gymnastics grips at the same time is NOT allowed.  Does it mean that if I tape my thumbs for the initial barbell complex I will have to remove the tape before moving into the 2nd workout, where grips will be used for the toes2bar?

With tape we intend to tape the gymnastic bar and not the fingers. So, grips and tape on the fingers is fine.

Are all scores worth the same amount of points? Or is maybe the tiebreak less "worth"?
The TB will be scored the same way as the all other workouts.  Background: we want that the athletes are giving their best throughout the entire 26min and have to come up with an individual strategy according to their strength / weakness how to tackle the qualifier.

What if you accidentally touch the box on the burpee box jump over, like if you trip and fall. Do you have to repeat the burpee and the jump or just the jump?
The movement always starts with the athlete facing the box (M 60cm / F 50cm) while touching their chest and thighs to the ground.  And the movement ends with a two foot landing on the other side of the box.  If something goes goes wrong in between the athlete has to start from the beginning of the movement.  Hence, touching their chest and thighs to the ground.  The movement can be repeated from form either sides of the box.

In the standard for the burpee box jumps overs, it says something about a line, to ensure we stay perpendicular to the box.  But it isn't mentioned in the equipment list.  Do we have to tape that or do we just have to make sure we stay in the correct position throughout the movement?
The line we mention is an imaginary line.  So no need to tape it.  However, some athletes actually use a tape as an orientation.  Feel free to do so if it helps to keep you perpendicular to the box. 

What do you need a tiebreaker for?
We believe that in the latter part of the workout, many athletes will get "stuck" in almost the same spot. The tiebreaker will help us to create a better ranking here. Please enter the time on the monitor of the rowing machine for the rowing part and the time on the timer as the tiebreaker. 

Do I need to be able to do BMUs und WFSHSPUs in order to qualify?
No, you do not need to!  There are 4 other scores an a TB which will give you the possibility to qualify for the finals in September.

If I qualify in the top 24M/16F, do I need to start as an individual athlete?
No, you do not need to!  You have the option to build a team of any two.  However, we like to see all top 24M/16M will as individual athletes.  Since the workouts will be programed accordingly.  

Do we have to be affiliated or a member of a network to become a Qualifier Partner?
No, you don't have to!  As an organization, you merely need to ensure that the specified workout standards are met.  On the score sheet, you must also sign to show that the scores correspond to the athlete's performance.


The Competition

The competition will take place from 13. to 15.09.24.  We will start the festivity on Friday later afternoon and shoot the gates on Sunday evening.  Individual athletes will be challenged on all three days.  Regular teams will be sweating it out on Saturday.  While the Master Teams will get their honor on Sunday.

The setup of the competition floor and surrounding will be similar to last year's. There will be an athlete / volunteer zone (incl. restroom trailer).  Here you will be able to warm up and recover.  For space reasons, your friends or coaches will not have access to this area.  


Host Location

Once again, Zurich's main train station will serve as our venue. The last layout has worked extremely well. Athletes as well as brand partners have let us know this. This means that there will again be a dedicated zone for athletes. The exhibitor park for Brand Partners will have a size of around 500m2.



There will be three areas of responsibility.  

Assembly/disassembly: We will start with the assembly work on Thursday 12.09.24 evening.  On Sunday we will start dismantlement at 19:00 at the latest.  

Judging:  If you want to be in the spotlight and give "no reps", then you've come to the right place(no other prerequisites needed).  Equipment crew: You make sure that the athletes will always have enough on their plate.  

Athlete Control: Aggregating and entering scores, as well as making sure the athletes are at their correct line on time will be fun.  On the subject of fun, we will take care of drinks and food! You will be able to register from mid-June.


Exhibitor Park

On an area of about 500m2 we offer our Brand Partners to show their products to their target audience and to interact with them.

The main station offers over 400,000 contact opportunities daily. We expect again 10'000 spectators to visit the ZRH GMS 024 during the three days to cheer on the athletes.