Qualifier Modus 023

In order to participate in the ZRH GMS 023, all candidates will undergo a qualification procedure. Regardless of the category in which may be started, all candidates will have to do individual qualifier workouts.

The best 32 men and 24 women will be assigned a slot in the individual categories. All other athletes are candidates for the teams of two categories.

After you let us know who your chosen partner is, we will generate the ranking list for the teams categories.  In the "Teams of any Two" category, there will be 32 slots.  And in the "Teams of any Two Masters" there will be 24 teams.

Please note, the minimum age for the Masters Teams: Not younger than 35 years and together at least 75 years.

Official Qualifier Partners

Qualifier done at an Official Qualifier Partnern under the supervision of a coach do not need to be video proofed.  Scores sheets will be signed and accredited by one member of the box management, the coach who supervised the qualifier, the person who judged and the actual athlete.  Would you like your box to become our official qualifier partner too? Then write us and we will instruct your box management on how to proceed.

Equipment Partner 

Qualification and Competition

Early April 023 all workouts will be announced and the registration will be opened.  Mid-June 023 the starting field will be announced.

The competitions will take place from Friday evening September 15 to Sunday September 17, in the main station Zurich. 

Individual athletes will be challenged on Friday early evening and Saturday.  The top 24 men and top 16 women may also compete on Sunday.

"Teams of any Two" will be challenged on Saturday.  "Teams of an Two Master" will be able to compete on Sunday.

New Floor Plan

The floor plan of the ZRH GMS 023 will also change.  In order to accommodate at least as many people in 023, we will slightly change the layout of the entire stage.  This will allow us to create more space for spectators.  Moreover, for athletes there will be a dedicated zone, including a rest and warm-up area, as well as rig.  The only downer is that there will only be one competition area.  We also hope to crack the tough nut with the restrooms. 

Q&A Qualifier 023

Q: Do I have to do the individual qualifications even if I want to start as a team?
A: Yes, or rather there will only be individual qualification workouts. Whether you start as an individual or as a team will be determined by the rankings.

Q: Do I have to start as an individual if I qualify in the top 32/M or 24/F?
A: No, you do not have to. You may also decide to start as a team. However, it is in the spirit of the ZRH GMS that you start in the "right" category. Especially if both team members have qualified for a top place.

Q: How many team spots are there this year?
A: There will be 32 spots for "Teams of any Two" and 24 for "Teams of any Two Masters".

Q: When do I have to decide with whom I want to form a team?
A: After the qualifications are evaluated, there will be a leader board for women and a leader board for men. After that the top 32/M and top 24/F will have to decide if they want to compete as an individual or as a team. Then you will be asked to team up. The scores of the two athletes will be added together.  Based on these new score, we will form new leader board for "Teams of any Two" and for "Teams of any Tow Masters". So you have the possibility to tactic, with whom you want to compete at the ZRH GMS 023.

Q: Why do you merely add the points from the leaderboard?
A: By adding the points on the leaderboard we consider gender, age and gender proportion.  Lastly, the workouts were also structured accordingly.

Q: What are the conversion rates between the male and female athletes?
A: If men have to row 1000m, then women have to row 860m. For weights the factor 1.3 applies.

Q: How will the results of the qualification workouts be communicated?
A: We again use https://competitioncorner.net/ as a platform. On the one hand you can enter your results and provide a link to your video. On the other hand you have the possibility to organize yourself in your box in a way that no video is necessary. This means that a dedicated business member of your box or dedicated coach verifies the results. We will be happy to instruct this person on the procedure and standards.   In a nutshell: Workouts need to be done always under the surveillance of a member of the box management or a coach.  Athletes need to judge each other.  Score sheets needs to be signed by member of the box management or coach (who ever surveyed the workouts), athlete who did the judging and the actual athlete.

Q: Should I do the qualification even if I don't have a partner yet?
A: Definitely yes! Do the qualification workouts even if you don't have a partner yet. Past has shown that single athletes have always been wanted for teams. This is true for "Teams of any Two" as well as "Teams of any Tow Masters".

Q: What is the age limit for "Teams of any Tow Masters"?
A: The minimum age for Masters is 35 years. The birthday counts: 09/17/1988. Both athletes must have at least 75 years combined. The birthday counts: athlete one 17/9/1988 plus athlete two 17/9/1983.

Q: When will be the workouts for the qualification be published and till when have the results be hand in?
A: The registration will open in the week of April 3rd. At the same time the workouts will be published. The leader board will be freezed in the week of May 22nd.  The process of officializations of the leader boards and invasions process will start right after.

Q: How many qualification workouts will there be?
A: There will be two qualification workouts. One will be a one-piece, the other a two-piece workout. There will be a total of three scores.

Q: How much will the participation in the qualification cost?
A: We will charge CHF 25.- (excl. fees) per athlete for the participation in the qualification.  The ticket price for the "finals" will be the same as last year:£
- Individuals .. CHF 105.-  ( excl. fees)
- Teams and Team Masters .. CHF 185.- ( excl. fees)

Please do not hesitate to send further questions. We are already looking forward to celebrate the ZRH GMS 023 with you!