Qualifier Modus 023

In order to participate in the ZRH GMS 023, all candidates will undergo a qualification procedure. Regardless of the category in which may be started, all candidates will have to do individual qualifier workouts.

The best 32 men and 24 women will be assigned a slot in the individual categories. All other athletes are candidates for the teams of two categories.

After you let us know who your chosen partner is, we will generate the ranking list for the teams categories.  In the "Teams of any Two" category, there will be 32 slots.  And in the "Teams of any Two Masters" there will be 24 teams.

Please note, the minimum age for the Masters Teams: Not younger than 35 years and together at least 75 years.

Qualification and Competition

Early April 023 all workouts will be announced and the registration will be opened.  Mid-June 023 the starting field will be announced.

The competitions will take place from Friday evening September 15 to Sunday September 17, in the main station Zurich. 

Individual athletes will be challenged on Friday early evening and Saturday.  The top 24 men and top 16 women may also compete on Sunday.

"Teams of any Two" will be challenged on Saturday.  "Teams of an Two Master" will be able to compete on Sunday.

New Floor Plan

The floor plan of the ZRH GMS 023 will also change.  In order to accommodate at least as many people in 023, we will slightly change the layout of the entire stage.  This will allow us to create more space for spectators.  Moreover, for athletes there will be a dedicated zone, including a rest and warm-up area, as well as rig.  The only downer is that there will only be one competition area.  We also hope to crack the tough nut with the restrooms.