Functional Sports Competitions in the city center of Zurich for ambitious individual athletes and sporty teams.

ZURICH GAMES organises Functional Sport Competitions in the city center of Zurich.  These are sports that tests athlete performance across a variety of movement patterns, activities, and energy systems. T he athletes have to demonstrate their competence in different areas. Including demonstrations of their aerobic capacity, strength and endurance.

Sport Venues

The city of Zurich provides its residents a vast variety of high-quality sports and leisure infrastructures. ZURICH GAMES is committed to use these responsible to promote the city's sports policy when organising events and competitions in the interests of the operator.

Beyond Sports

In addition to our sports activities, other factors also play an important role for us.  These include a healthy and climate-friendly lifestyle. Attention is paid not only to physical, but also to mental health.
The cultivation of friendships, closeness to the family and involvement in the community are also not disregarded.  For us, gender, skin pigmentation, age, income and social status do not make any difference.

Markteting Platform

Since 2020, every September the ZRH GMS have been hold in the city center of Zurich. Our events attract people from all over Switzerland and neighboring countries who have chosen a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
A cooperation as Brand Partner at the ZRH GMS offers various possibilities to strengthen your brand awareness.   Among other things, we offer exhibitor spaces where it is allowed to present and sell products as well as services on the spot.