On September 11 and 12, 2021 the ZRH GMS 021 took place at the sports facility Hardhof. 190 functional fitness athletes competed in the categories "Individuals", "Teams of any Two" and "Team of any Two Masters". Thanks to the help of more than 80 volunteers, as well as the support of key partners and sponsors, we were able to ensure a smooth and safe event. We appreciate the efforts and cooperation of all participants and thank them dearly.

.. an article about the ZRH GMS 021 in DropIn Magazine (German only)

.. here you can find a lot of very spectacular pictures of the ZRH GMS 022:

On the podiums of the ZRH GMS 021

Teams of any Two

  1. Super Girls
  2. Hakuna Masquata
  3. Energy Gang
  4. Rössli Athletics
  5. M&M

Team of any Two Masters

  1. Akademimimi
  2. Aloha
  3. noshpots
  4. Jede isch amol hina, du Pauseclown!
  5. Flümmlis

Supporting Communities 

In order to successfully run the event, we relied on the help of volunteers.   We would like to express our appreciation to them and to the communities they belong to.