Be a part of the team, which makes the ZRH GMS possible!

It takes a team of energetic and passionate people to pull off the ZRH GMS. Over the years our volunteers have proven themselves to be the hardest workers on the pits and they are without doubt the lifeblood of the ZRH GMS.

Their tasks are constantly varied and are certainly performed at high intensity. However, when the last barbell drops on Sunday afternoon the sense of achievement in knowing they’ve been responsible for one of the best events on the Functional Sports calendar, simply can’t be beat.

If the idea of working alongside some of the hardest working, motivated, and fun-loving people in all of Functional Sports excites you, click on the button and simply fill out the volunteer application and we’ll be in touch.

To ensure continuity and safety of event logistics all volunteers must commit to at least one full days of competition. Volunteers receive crew shirt, lunch, snacks and beverages.

Athlete Control

The ZRH GMS team is seeking individuals that love dealing with people face to face.  The Athlete Control team's responsibilities include; greeting athletes, athlete check in, heat schedule management, and corralling athletes for their event.  Clear, confident communication is a virtue when it comes to working in Athlete Control.  It’s also important to stay positive and put on a smile to help keep the athletes cool and calm before they head out onto the competition floor. 
A small but efficient team of scribes will be required to collect and calculate all the scores as they roll in across the weekend.  Score sheet runners and data entry experts will make up the main roles of this important team.

Judging Teams

The ZRH GMS team is looking for experienced and inexperienced judges to uphold the standard that has become synonymous with ZRH GMS  judging teams over the years.  Our judges are the gatekeepers of integrity, and their ability to hold the standard across all divisions is a cornerstone of the competition.  Volunteers will be part of a tight knit team and will work closely with the Head Judges in the lead up to the event in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and consistency within all divisions across the weekend.

Equipment Crew

The engine room of the ZRH GMS.  The feats of our equipment crew over the years have become the stuff of legend.  This team is responsible for dressing the floor with all the tools of the trade with which the athletes will test themselves across the days of competition.  You don’t have to clean & jerk a hundred kilos, however you will need to have some endurance and be mentally tough to endure a big weekend of shifting tin.