Partner Up with the ZRH GMS

Every September we will hold the ZRH GMS in the city of Zurich.  This is a functional sports competition.  Our events attract people from all over Switzerland who have chosen a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Social justice is also important to them.
A cooperation at the ZRH GMS offers various possibilities to strengthen your brand awareness.   Among other things, we offer exhibitor spaces where it is allowed to present and sell products as well as services on the spot.

Exhibitor Park

The local setting leaves a lot of room to place your brand in the spotlight.  Did you know that the Zurich main station offers more than 400'000 contact opportunities every day?  Beside that, thousands of spectators and over 500 participants offer the best conditions for the success of your activity.  Our events will last from Friday to Sunday.

Target Market Description

ZRH GMS participants and spectators, generally take their principles very seriously.  These include a healthy and climate-friendly lifestyle.  Attention is paid not only to physical health, but also to mental health.
Maintaining friendships, closeness to family and involvement in the community are also not disregarded.  People exchange expectations and experiences through digital / social networks.  If this audience appeals to you and you want to interact with them in an innovative way before, during and after the ZRH GMS, do not hesitate to contact us.

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